Please obtain a written referral from your veterinarian (Referral Form)

Please fill out the patient’s information and consent form (Combined Information and Consent Form)


Upon receiving a referral from a veterinarian, Carol uses the same evaluation techniques on animals as she does on people. She performs an examination, compiles the patient history, does a variety of test and measures, and comes up with a comprehensive treatment plan. The medical history and review of symptoms often include the reason for referral and other notes from the veterinarian. The tests and measures are her observations of movement, range of motion, strength, flexibility, pain or tenderness, muscle mass comparison, weight bearing, gait analysis, neurologic evaluation, and muscle tone.

Based on the veterinarian referral and notes, and results from the test and measures, Carol offers a rehabilitation treatment plan, which includes a program for you to do at home to assist in your pet’s recovery. The home program is one of the most important aspects of the Pet Rehab approach and should be followed as directed by the Pet Rehab team.